Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the fundamental competency needed to develop soft skills for interacting with people.  Daniel Goleman informed the business world in his 1995 book how and why EI is a greater contributor to higher performance for individuals than how smart (IQ) they are.  Research confirms that EI positively affects all professions and all roles and levels.  At this 1-day training ARC provides, attendees learn:

  1. The basics of what is Emotional Intelligence
  2. What the research tells us about having a higher Emotional Intelligence
  3. Common functions for all roles and professions are affected positively:
    • Building relationships and trust
    • Leading
    • Managing
    • Meetings
    • Team Building
    • Coaching
    • Interviewing
    • Performance Reviews
    • Selling and Customer Service
  4. Some approaches on how to increase one’s Emotional Intelligence

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