Effective communication (includes observing and listening) is needed more today than ever before, and few people have been helped to develop this skill.  Beginning with the basic exchange of information and continues with influencing and getting agreements on goals and plans from people who think differently and come from a variety of professions.  This 1-day training covers a process for how to learn about others to enhance communications and reduce the time to gain agreements, including:

  1. A review of the basic model and process of all communications
  2. Explanation of why learning and knowing about others contributes to productive communications and achieving desired results
  3. A banker’s dozen (13) of the attributes to identify of people for better communications:
    • What these attributes are and why they are important to know
    • How to determine and learn them for each individual
    • How to use them for effective communication and influencing
  4. How to coach others about this topic and how to use it
  5. Why an ongoing process to update these attributes is needed


For more information, contact JoAnn Becker: email to or cell of 847-682-5665 with call or text message