End Incivility

Higher performing organizations have developed and maintain nicer work environments through participation of all leaders and associates.  Incivility (low-intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm) can be harmful to both individuals and organizations – from behavior to sales.  There are many articles and books (The Cost of Bad Behavior, Workplace Incivility and Turnover, Workplace Incivility Is Bad for Business) about incivility of the workplace, which includes behavior from subtle/covert to overt, such as:

  1. Asking for input and then ignoring it
  2. Forgetting to share credit for a collaborative work effort
  3. Giving someone a dirty look, especially with others viewing it
  4. Interrupting others
  5. Not listening
  6. Side conversations during formal business meetings or presentations
  7. Speaking with a condescending tone
  8. Disrespecting workers by comments, gestures or behaviors based upon race, religion, gender, etc.
  9. Disrupting meetings
  10. Giving public reprimands
  11. Giving the silent treament
  12. Insulting others

This 1-day training educates attendees of what workplace incivility is, and how to develop and maintain an organization that does not have this type of environment but one that is nice to work in.

For more information, contact JoAnn Becker: email to Info@AchievingResultsfromChange.com or cell of 847-682-5665 with call or text message