More Older Workers

The New Organizational Order is made up of five generations of workers and many older workers (since people are living longer and healthier lives, and want and will be able to continue to perform and give back).  By the way, this phenomena will only increase with generations after the Boomers – so more experienced (older) workers will become a permanent place in the workforce.  Our current challenge now is how to design new ways to use this valuable part of the workforce.

Achieving Results from Change delivers:

  1. Executive Briefings (2 and 4 hours options, with 4-hour in two sessions if desired)
  2. Manager Seminar (1 day)
  3. Workshop (2 days) with action items to implement

To understand the facts and challenges of an age diverse workforce, a continuing paradigm. It’s time to establish a commitment to change, become a thriving organization ready for the future. Content includes:

  • Longer and healthier lives present new challenges
  • The many myths of the older workers
  • Understand the current research on all workers
  • Four management practices for optimizing the workforce
  • Developing younger supervisors into leaders
  • What other organizations are doing

Many organizations are already embracing this global social change.

For more information, contact JoAnn Becker at JoAnn[@] or 847-682-5665.