You can stop spending time and money on poor meetings, for too many people – this can amount to more costs than realized.  People can learn how to conduct meetings that produce results without wasting attendees time – and get decisions and action from plans sooner.  And does not require everyone to attend each meeting.  ARC offers a 4-hour training for people of any level and position to learn how to have effective meetings, by:

  1. Determining the type of meeting to be held
  2. Designing the meeting content and then the agenda
  3. Distributing the agenda to needed attendees and others to know meeting content
  4. Driving the meeting according to the agenda
  5. Documenting what occurred in the meeting
  6. Distributing the meeting history to all relevant parties, attendees, and others

For more information, contact JoAnn Becker: email to or cell of 847-682-5665 with call or text message.