About ARC

JoAnn Becker launched Achieving Results from Change (ARC) to provide assistance to organizations when they need more or new expertise when facing the challenges in today’s world.  She, and all partners, have “been there and done that,” and know how to teach.  Although she and any of the partners can fish for you, they prefer to teach you (and your  organization) how to fish.  Their goals are to assist organizational leaders and their associates in learning new information and in developing additional skills to successfully achieve desired results with all the challenges faced by all types of organizations.

Referrals: ARC always welcomes referrals and provides compensation for them.

Partnerships: ARC”walks the talk” with collaborative partnerships:

  1. A person with a PhD in Security with and MS and MBA who has worked in healthcare and other industries
  2. A person with MBA and coaching in a broad variety of organization in change
  3. An attorney who was one of the first federal  prosecutors when the US enacted the initial laws for the computer industry, and now defends organization in law suite arising from cybersecurity incident

For more information, contact JoAnn Becker: email to Info@AchievingResultsfromChange.com or cell of 847-682-5665 with call or text message.